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The language and work group is a research group of peers interested in language, work and social inequality.

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The language and work group is a research network interested in language, work and social inequality. Shared core interests of the group are:

  • Understanding and describing the structural dynamics and ideological formations regulating individuals' access to work and (re)producing social hierarchies and inequalities in formal and informal professional settings
  • Exploring the strategies individuals develop to navigate fluctuating and precarious work conditions and means through which workers learn to cope with and sometimes even challenge dynamics complicating their access to resources
  • Discussing who, how and why we should try to develop forms of intervention

The work group pursues these research interests through regular meetings and conferences, collaboration for projects, conference workshops, special issues, exchange of literature and teaching materials. These events and activities ensure regular and long-term exchange among peers on issues related to language and work with a shared critical and social perspective.


Dr. Elisabeth Barakos (University of Hamburg)

Dr. Kati Dlaske (University of Jyväskylä)

Dr. Mi-Cha Flubacher (Zurich University of Applied Sciences)

Dr. Maria Rosa Garrido Sardà (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Dr. Katy Highet (University of the West of Scotland)

Dr. Jonas Hassemer (University of Vienna)

Dr. Sibo Kanobana (Open University of the Netherlands)

Dr. Kamilla Kraft (University of Copenhagen)

Dr. Sabine Lehner (FH St. Pölten)

Dr. Beatriz Lorente (University of Bern)

Dr. Sebastian Muth (University of Lancaster)

Dr. Verónica Pájaro (University of Agder)

Dr. Maria Sabaté Dalmau (University of Lleida)

Dr. Larissa Schedel (University of Applied Sciences Kempten)

Dr. Maiju Strömmer (University of Jyväskylä) 

Dr. Martina Zimmermann (Haute école pédagogique Vaud)

The current steering committee consists of (in alphabetical order):
Dr. Mi-Cha Flubacher, Dr. Jonas Hassemer, Dr. Kamilla Kraft, Dr. Verónica Pájaro.


  • 2024/10/11–12 | Navigating discourses and practices of employability at University of Jyväskylä (organized by Dr. Maiju Strömmer and Dr. Kati Dlaske)
  • 2023/09/22-23 | Racial capitalism and language at the Open University of the Netherlands (organized by Dr. Sibo Kanobana) – Program
  • 2022/10/14-15 Passing, fitting in and the situated making of the "normal" and the "deviant" at University of Agder (organized by Dr. Verónica Pájaro) – Program
  • 2021/01/15 | Language and Work: Taking stock and moving forward at Ghent University (online workshop, organized by Prof. Dr. Sarah Van Hoof, Dr. Sibo Kanobana and Sara Nyssen)
  • 2020/10/23-24 | Decolonizing (our) methods digital workshop at the University of Bern (organized by Dr. Beatriz Lorente and Dr. Verónica Pájaro)
  • 2019/04/05 | Language, Work and (Im)mobilities at Université de Lausanne (organized by Dr. Maria Rosa Garrido Sardà and Jennifer Thorburn) – Program
  • 2018/12/07–08 | Language, Work and Gender at Copenhagen Business School (organized by Dr. Dorte Lønsmann and Dr. Kamilla Kraft) – Program
  • 2018/04/20–21 | Language, Work and Precarization at University College London (organized by Dr. Alfonso Del Percio & Dr. Mi-Cha Flubacher) – Program
  • 2017/12/02–03 | "Commodification": the potential and limits of a concept at University of Vienna (organized by Dr. Mi-Cha Flubacher) –  Program
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